Glass Designer Develops Unique Colorful Accent Panels for Trending White Cabinets

Custom Cabinet Panels owner and founder, Bonnie Morse, noticed the cabinet industry was colorless. New cabinet production is dominated by white, shaker style cabinets.  Although Morse acknowledges that white cabinets might be a good place to start, she also believes that consumers need room for self-expression and color.

With experience in glass design and a previous patent in another glass process, Morse created a patent pending process exclusively for cabinet panels.  Cabinet doors that are already designed for clear glass became a perfect platform to house a design element and specialty glass. The options for Custom Cabinet Panels include colored, iridescent and reflective glass. 

The panels add a design element (such as a farmhouse, coastal or a botanical theme) through a color washed cut panel and a splash of color with the addition of glass.  The results are beautiful and affordable.  It is an application for both new cabinets or cabinet renovation.  The panels can be added or removed from cabinet doors by simply replacing the existing clear glass in a cabinet door.

“It should be simple and affordable to personalize your cabinets by adding color and a design element without replacing the cabinets,” says Bonnie Morse, owner and founder of Custom Cabinet Panels.

“Glass can provide a beautiful pop of color to cabinets and can even be enhanced by back lighting if available,” says Bonnie Morse, owner and founder of Custom Cabinet Panels.

About Custom Cabinet Panels

Founded in May 2018, Custom Cabinet Panels is the maker of specialty cabinet panels.  Panels are available through, an online store featuring accent designs, finishes and glass options. Larger and custom panels are available upon request.  The panel process is patent pending.